Dining Deans of Coin-Op


Last Thursday at Duffy’s Restaurant in Stuart, Fla., three patriarchs of the amusement game business got together to break bread and chew the nostalgic rag (though, the only one with food in front of him is the guy on the left…hmm!). Trade vets will surely remember that guy… former Benchmark Games’ chief Al Kress (left) dining with Atlas Distributing’s Jerry Marcus (center) and Rowe International’s former sales top Jerry Gordon (right).


The common denominator between these dudes (who sport at least 150 years of combined trade experience) is, in fact, Rowe. Kress distributed the line when he ran a dealership years back in Elmsford, N.Y., Jerry Marcus was once that factory’s comptroller and as mentioned, Jerry Gordon sold more than his fair share of Rowe boxes and vending machines over his many years there after he left Betson. Fun & calories in the sun!


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