Boxblaster VR – March 2020

Gold and Mace

Gold and Mace (above) ; Arcania (below).

Arcania Boxblaster VR content

Boxblaster VR

Fun for the Whole Family

Launched in 2018 with the intent to go into the home market, Boxblaster VR saw an opportunity in location-based entertainment instead, where they’ve been able to create bigger and better experiences for families.

About a year into business, they first showed their 4-player VR platform at Bowl Expo 2019. The Miami-based company currently has five games on the platform – Dino Rush, Gold & Mace, Eclipse, Arcania and Cyberblast VR – and plans on having another four by the close of 2020.

But they say the existing games are already diverse enough to cater to all ages and preferences. There are competitive shooters, family-friendly arcade games and a player-vs-player experience, all in magical settings and in line with their goal of creating experiences that are fun for the whole family.

Vladimir Avdeev, president of Boxblaster, said one of the company’s key differentiators is its business model – touting the 4-player VR arena at half the price of competitors. The annual license fee, he added, includes free hardware upgrades every two years and continual rollouts of new games for the platform.

“We’re committed to building long-term relationships with operators and it seems that our offer is appealing to the amusement industry,” Avdeev said. “We had a really successful IAAPA last year, and are looking forward to an amazing year ahead of us.”

They own a studio, which some of the games come from, but others come from third-party developers. All of them, however, are exclusive to the Boxblaster VR platform.



“We’ve created content that is appealing to all ages,” Avdeev said. “It’s important to be able to provide the best-in-class experience, and something that kids and the family cannot get at home.”

With everyone having access to smartphone games or at-home video game systems, Avdeev said there’s a demand for the social interaction among families at FECs and similar venues.

Dino Rush - Boxblaster VR content

Dino Rush

“VR is more about memorable moments,” he said. “We are focused on games that are really made for the whole family.”

Boxblaster VR closely monitors the performance of its attractions at each location. Recent insights from operators showed great promise, with up to 3,000 games a month played on the platform.

The company has about a dozen installs at the moment with a half dozen orders in the works. They’re all across the U.S. – at FECs and trampoline parks in Michigan, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee and their home state of Florida.

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