Betson Blog Suggests Hyping Games as “Attractions”

A new blog post on Betson’s website discusses the potential impact of marketing your new games as something more akin to an attraction than just a new machine in your arcade. Big, impressive investments like Halo: Fireteam Raven or Sega’s new House of the Dead can draw crowds on their own, the blog post says, and operators shouldn’t short on lavishing their new games with marketing attention.
Author Jonathan Betti (VP of Sales and Business Development) suggests operators take a look at several things and evaluate how best to utilize the flashiness and size of some of today’s games. Using space efficiently is always top of mind, but other important factors in making a game shine on the collection sheet is its position in the arcade. The post goes on to drive home the importance of using social media to drive customers to the new game, which will have a wow factor you can capitalize on.
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