ATM Deployer Advances On-Screen Advertising Through Its Extensive Network

There are a lot of screen out there going to waste when they could be generating income or adding value to locations. This is true for coin-op amusements, as well as the ATM industry.
One company at the forefront of monetizing screens is FCTI, Inc., one of the nation’s largest ATM deployers. Through its proprietary Marketing & Branding Application (MBA), the company has sought to capture consumer “eyeballs” with a variety of promotions and offers.
Most recently, FCTI introduced two new enhancements based on its branding app that reaches consumers with on-screen promotions and advertising during ATM transactions. The two new enhancements are aimed at offering new marketing opportunities for consumers, financial institutions and retailers.
The first, allows financial institutions to reach both surcharged and non-surcharged customers with offers on various financial products, as well as harvests feedback from consumers. An offer or information resulting from the interaction can then be printed on the receipt. The second allows retailers to offer a choice of coupons on receipts consumers can redeem at the location. Promotional offers and feedback requests are displayed on the screen during the transaction.
“Our development team is working hard to create solutions that increase engagement and recognition for our partners, as well as drive sales and bring ATM users more in-tune with their financial institutions,” said the company’s CEO Robel Gugsa. “By providing one-to-one interplays and distribution to core audiences, the Targeted Promotions on Surcharged Transactions and Direct Engagement Delivery software can bring our partners closer to their cardholders and reach a wider audience of non-cardholders.”
Company officials noted that its MBA system is remotely programmed, which allows for targeted marketing specific to location and time, as is the 27” high LED definition topper screen. With a current installed base of approximately 8,000 ATMs, the MBA system is aimed at mid-to large chain locations, including convenience stores and supermarkets.
FCTI is not the first ATM company to offer advertising services, though they seem to be making the greatest in-roads.

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