Apple Promo Casts Over 100,000 “Votes” So Far


Several weeks after Face Place photo booth operators received an automatic update chock full of graphics and images relating to the contentious 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, the company says over 100,000 patrons have flocked to the booths for their chance to take a photo with either Republican nominee Donald J. Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Apple Industries has dipped its toe into the world of polling with their new election promotion, recording the amount of photos patrons take with either candidate and counting them as “votes” in their favor. As of this weekend, Trump led the unofficial poll by nearly 27 percent. It’s fair to say, however, that the populist candidate may not be enjoying the kindest poses from some of the patrons who decided to take a photo with him, due to the ire he has evoked in a large portion of the nation’s populace.

According to the company, Clinton was able to close the gap after her performance in the second presidential debate. To keep tabs on who’s getting the most photos taken, click here. Apple Industries plans on releasing the final “vote” count a day before the election. As the company says, it’s sure to be a photo finish!


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