After 20+ Years, Mortal Kombat Still Has Secrets


A dedicated fan of the arcade classic Mortal Kombat recently discovered a secret menu hidden within the game that allows players to manipulate high scores, view the endings for characters and play a brutal, Galaga-like mini-game.

The EJB Menu — named and created by programmer and co-creator of the series, Edward. J. Boon — is accessed by pressing the player one and player two “start” buttons on Mortal Kombat one, two or three.  The code is entered in rapid succession as follows: P1 (x5), P2 (x10), P1 (x2), P2 (x1), P1 (x2), P2 (x3), P1 (x4).

Entering this also gives crafty players access to diagnostic tests, bookkeeping information and a game audit that looks for issues like chip failure, frame errors and lockups.

MortalKombat2A YouTuber that calls himself “YourMKArcadeSource” discovered the long-hidden menu and posted a video of it to his channel, which includes heaps of advice on playing and maintaining these classic arcade games.

So for any of you who still have one of these pixelated gore-machines on location, try the code out and see this long-hidden secret for yourself! Watch below or click over to the original video at this link:


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