Ziggy’s VR Arcade, Café Opens in Pennsylvania Mall


A new VR arcade and café recently opened at Indiana Mall (actually located in the town of Indiana, Pennsylvania). Called Ziggy’s VR Arcade and Café, the venue has virtual reality gaming bays available for rent by the hour or half-hour.

According to the Indiana Gazette, most of the games are suited for the 8-12 age range, but there are some for those 18-and-over, due to violence. “We have to go by the manufacturer’s suggestion on the ages,” said owner John Fordyce. “So far a majority of our players have been ages 8-12. Some games could be played by younger kids, but it might be hard for them to get the hang of it.”

Those who aren’t actively playing the games are still able to watch players on screens outside the VR rooms, which Fordyce said helps it make it a bit more interactive for families. “If the player is having some difficulty, they can call out and help and interact with each other.” Learn more at www.ziggyspa.com.


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