You Gotta Love This Apple Photo Idea!


Apple Industries is using this year’s IAAPA to launch an unquestionably wild and crazy idea: they can display the booth user’s photo on a giant electronic Times Square billboard in New York City! The billboard sits at one of the world’s most visited intersections (Broadway and 42nd Street). Here’s how it works:

First, the customer pays the regular vend price to take a photo in any Face Place booth that’s networked with the company’s Smile 2.0 platform. Then, for an additional fee, that photo can actually be splashed for a short time on the billboard along with a caption written by the customer. After it’s posted, the customer gets an email of it as passersby watch it. Apple chief Allen Weisberg says around 460,000 people traverse that intersection every day.

“Now Apple customers all over the country and anywhere in the world can be world-famous on one of those same Times Square mega-screens for a few moments for an amazingly affordable cost,” Weisberg (a native New Yorker) declared. (By the way, he also hired this year’s Miss America Cara Mudd to meet showgoers at the Apple booth on Wednesday the 15th.


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