Wizard of Redondo Beach Debuts Skill Drone Crane


Wedges Ledges of California’s legendary tinkerer, Steve Shoemaker, has come up with another truly unique idea: a skill crane that uses a drone. The aptly named Skill Drone Crane allows for two-player action (alternating play) and has an adjustable price and difficulty level.

Once set, Shoemaker says, the skill level is then the same for all players with repeat players performing better as their skill improves.

Made in the U.S., the aluminum cabinet and design from Diamond Plate Games makes it work well in corners as well as other spots, Shoemaker says. Owner of multiple patents, he said there is already one on the Skill Drone Crane (#8,070,167) and that others are pending.

For more information, call Wedges Ledges at 310-374-9982 or visit www.gamesofpureskill.com.


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