Wisconsin Bowling Alley Closes After Nearly 60 Years


Village Lanes, located in Monona, Wis., will close its doors on May 15 after nearly 60 years in operation. Laurie Slinde, who’s owned the business since 1995 with co-owners Kevin and Lynn Carey, told The Herald-Independent that although the alley was able to weather the pandemic, all three owners are at retirement age and 2021 seems a convenient time to say farewell.

“About nine months ago, we got together and talked about a final bowling season and plans for the future,” Kevin Carey said. Lifelong bowlers, the Careys and Slinde decided that they’d stay open until the 2021 bowling league season ended.

Village Lanes began in 1962 with 12 lanes, grew to 20 and eventually 24. It was also home to U.S. Bowling Congress hall-of-famers Jeff Richgels and Marc McDowell. Richgels credits his career to the venue and McDowell holds the record for most games ever bowled there.

A final gathering that will be open to the public will be held May 13 – the final hoorah before the official closure two days later.


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