Wahooz Family Fun Zone Gets Lasertron LED Arena


An FEC in Meridian, Idaho, called Wahooz Family Fun Zone has upgraded to Lasertron’s new programmable LED Interactive Arena and LT-12.9 game system, according to the company.

“When Lasertron first introduced their LED Arena concept, meaning no more blacklights, our team was very interested,” said Wahooz CEO Pat Morandi. “We met with Jim Kessler and his team many times over the past few years and right before the pandemic hit, we had approved the design and layout and were ready for the upgrade.” While delayed due to Covid, the arena is now up and running.

“We knew that once our state opened up from restrictions, we could offer our guests a new and amazing experience,” Morandi added. “Lasertron committed to a date, delivered everything on time and sent professional, hard-working installers to get us open before the holidays.” Contact Ann Kessler for more information at [email protected] or 305-257-3930, and visit www.laser-tron.com.


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