VR Comes to JFK Airport


Travelers walking through the shopping mall at JFK Airport’s Terminal #4 can now fill time before their next flights by taking a trip at the Periscape VR Experience Center. Opened this June, the company’s 12 play stations housed in attractive towers (don’t call them kiosks!) have large monitors displaying seven available programs like Fruit Ninja at a dollar-per-minute play. The towers come with headsets and even offer hygienic wipes and lockers to hold your stuff while you cruise Periscape’s VR world.

A story by Forbes’ Charlie Fink quotes Periscape’s CEO Lynn Rosenthal saying: “When I visited at 9 a.m. on a Thursday morning, all twelve stations in our VR towers were in use.” The attraction is open 18 hours every day and while supposed to be attendant-free, there were two customer service people on hand when recently visited. Fink says that Rosenthal and her people worked with VRsenal to develop the operation.


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