Virtuix Announces 60th Omni Arena


Virtuix has installed its 60th Omni Arena at Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to the company. In its first few weeks there, they say the attraction generated average revenues of $5,400 a week.

“Omni Arena is the most exciting and interactive VR experience I’ve ever seen,” said Seth Behar, director of operations and technology at Xtreme Action Park. “Its experience is truly one of a kind, leaving each and every guest thrilled and wanting more.”

Added Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk: “We’d like to thank our customers and partners for helping us achieve this milestone. Omni Arena has proven to be a long-term winner for our venues, driving revenues and high repeat play stats.”

In a survey of over 170 Omni Arena players at Xtreme, the experience was rated 9.2/10, and 50% of players reported they came to the venue because of Omni Arena.

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