Valo Motion Offers Virtual VR Demos


Finland-based VR maker Valo Motion is offering live, virtual demos on an ongoing basis of its new ValoArena group VR experience following the success of the virtual tours between Las Vegas and Finland at the recent Bowl Expo. The company boasts that its 6-player ValoArena offers unattended XR with no wearables, wires or controllers.

Wrote the company’s North American Sales Manager Marissa Kiella, “ValoArena’s seamless body tracking technology, simple interface, and play mechanics proved interesting to bowling locations and FECs hoping to add more social, physical fun and capitalize on the burgeoning popularity of AR/XR/VR attractions. The entire experience can be delivered without the need to staff it with an attendant.”

To book a virtual tour, email Kiella at [email protected]. To learn more, download the brochure and watch a video of players in action.

Valo Motion offers two other active attractions, ValoClimb and ValoJump. Learn more at


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