UNIS Releases New Kiddie Game: Super Big Rig


UNIS has unveiled a new family-focused kiddie game called Super Big Rig which is hauling itself into game rooms around the world now. The game offers kids a chance to drive a big rig with their parent at their side. The company says that this attention-grabbing piece is perfect as a centerpiece and has been pulling in super earnings.

The steering wheel, loud truck horn, 32″ monitor and an innovative microphone (that allows players to give vocal commands to the big rig) makes for a unique and fun game.

At a location in the Northeast, the factory said the game’s ROI came in at 12 weeks, and it made $2,055 operating as a video in a month. In a location in the Northwest, it made $323 a week operating as a ticket redemption piece with a 17 percent prize payout.

For more information on the game, click here.


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