Triotech Wins IAAPA Brass Ring Awards


Triotech won the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the Major Ride/Attraction category for their Hyper Ride, an innovative interactive media-based dark ride. They also won second place for the Best Exhibit for a booth their size.

“For Triotech, this is an amazing recognition for the hard work and creativity of our dedicated team,” said company President and CEO Ernest Yale. “We aim to create attractions that are unique and fun for guests while providing a sound investment for operators. Hyper Ride hits the mark in that regard.”

The ride is an anchor attraction at facilities and has a much smaller footprint than conventional dark rides. Triotech said they plan to develop more titles that will create a full library of content for operators of the Hyper Ride – as they do for their other products.

At IAAPA, the company also announced its first install will be called Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride with Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Canada, set to open in summer 2022.

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