The Wonderful Wizard of Richmond


Ted Lasso Wizard of Oz JJP pinball

It’s always great to see our industry’s games show up in pop culture, like in the Stranger Things series, watching a jukebox get played here and there, and so on. The latest placement that had us all jazzed was seeing Jersey Jack Pinball’s Wizard of Oz game in season 2 of the uber-popular Ted Lasso (episodes #8 and #11, the latter dropping this past Friday, Oct. 1) on AppleTV+. While you get to watch Jason Sudeikis’ character Ted play in those episodes (and Dr. Sharon in #11), JJP Founder Jack Guarnieri says you actually see a bit of the game in the pub earlier in the season as well. If you haven’t yet caught the show, it’s definitely worth the watch! (

Ted Lasso Playing WOZ pinball

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