The Corona Shutdown Ice Continues Cracking


Despite a reported 67,000 U.S. deaths due to the coronavirus, around half of the 50 states have begun allowing some businesses to reopen, with obvious restrictions like social distancing. From Alaska to West Virginia, around 15 states now allow limited seating at restaurants, while some like Oklahoma, North Dakota and Texas have also opened movie theaters. (The New York Times put together an interactive page where you can get more details and stay up to date.)

That list is bound to grow in the days and weeks ahead, despite the fact that virus infections show no real proof of abating. The push-pull of a renewed surge in deaths versus a reopening of stores, eateries and entertainment places continues with something like 30 million people out of work while businesses like amusement machine operations, manufacturing and sales are getting more and more frustrated playing this waiting game.

Just remember to keep yourself and your families safe, because that’s what counts the most. This historic hiccup in coin-op history will pass, sooner or later.


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