Sureshot Redemption Partners with Rhode Island Novelty


According to a recent press release, Sureshot Redemption is partnering with Rhode Island Novelty to provide fulfillment and logistic support. Sureshot said it will continue to “provide industry-leading product selection, quality and service” from their West Coast sales office.

“We’re pleased to partner with Rhode Island Novelty to continue to provide our customers with state-of-the-art fulfillment and logistic support,” said Sureshot Redemption’s Mike Lynch. “This partnership will allow us to focus on our strengths: product development, quality merchandise, safety and customer service.

“Sureshot Redemption will maintain a sales office and showroom in California where we will facilitate all product development, marketing, buying and sales activities. We are working towards a smooth transition with minimal disruption to our Sureshot customers.”

Sureshot Redemption orders have started shipping from the Fall River, Massachusetts distribution center as of April 11. For further information, call 909-923-5700 and visit



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