Strange Crane YouTube Site


If you operate cranes, you have to take a peek at a YouTube site discussing the strength of claws. Pop onto your computer and check out a site headlined: “Your premier source of all things claw science, fixed strength gaming and payout machines.” It supposedly has almost 40,000 subscribers.

Founded by Jeremy Hambly back in Nov. 2014, it appears he’s been bitten so hard by the crane bug, that he bought four machines for his home examination. That’s why the producers of NBC’s Today Show called on him to help with their “Is It Rigged” segment which aired July 13. In the 4.5-minute segment, he and Today’s reporter Jeff Rossen did a “show-and-tell” on how potentiometer knobs operate. Jeremy declared: “Claw machines can be used fairly but too many operators rig it.”

Rossen closed his report by advising the viewing audience that he’d been told that odds on some merchandise games can be set to let the player win an expensive prize only once in 10,000 plays. If you haven’t seen this segment yet, visit:


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