Stern Pinball Unleashes New Godzilla Machine


Stern Pinball has officially announced Godzilla will be their next cornerstone title and first game already equipped for Insider Connected, which is the company’s new QR-reader-enabled platform. In the future, all Stern commercial LCD games will be manufactured equipped for Insider Connected (older machines can be retrofitted with a connectivity kit).

The Godzilla machine will come in Pro, Premium and Limited-Edition versions. Despite supply chain difficulties, Stern Pinball President Gary Stern said the company has increased production and are continuing to increase the rate even more. Production on the Pro models will begin by next week.

“Designer Keith Elwin has captured the essence of Toho Japan’s Godzilla, pulling from 10 of the earliest, campiest and most iconic of the 32 movies,” Stern said. “Appearing first in 1954 and continuing today, Godzilla has been recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is licensed not only for toys and games but also apparel, housewares, car gear and now pinball.”

In the pinball game, the player is Godzilla – ridding the earth of Xiliens and trashing a few cities along the way. It features a skyscraper with a virtual lock for one of the six multiballs; has an “industry first” “Magna Grab” magnetic Newton ball directing the ball from five different locations, often setting it up for the third flipper; and spinning targets, 13 RGB lights and new return lane chase lights strobing as balls return to the flippers.

Jack Danger will stream Godzilla Premium and Limited-Edition models with the Stern team live on Friday, Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. Central time at

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