Stern Pinball Reveals Star Wars: The Mandalorian


Manufacturer Stern Pinball is starting production on its latest cornerstone game – Star Wars: The Mandalorian – next week, the factory reports. The game is based on the successful Disney+ show The Mandalorian, which put out its first season in November 2019. The third season is planned for spring 2022.

Production for the Pro version of the pinball game begins next week; in early June, the 750 limited-edition models go into production; and by late June, the Premium machine will be in the works. Stern reported its production has been increased by 20% and will increase another 25% over the next few months.

The company says The Mandalorian Pro features easy-to-follow rules that build to increasingly higher levels for better players. The very full playfield has a pattern of three easy-to-understand insert displays that count progression through Encounters, Missions and Razer Crest multiball awards.

“I have been playing the Pro and the Premium The Mandalorian every afternoon for weeks,” said company president Gary Stern. “As locations open, this game will earn – having a great title, great casual player rules and features, and plenty of shots and rules for the great player. Great game and great title, for home and operation.”

Star Wars just announced more details about the game on their own website. Jack Danger will stream live with the Stern team at 6 p.m. Central time on Friday, May 21, and feature The Mandalorian Premium and Limited-Edition models. That will be available at: Learn more at


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