Stern Pinball Announces New Rush Machine


Stern Pinball will virtually launch their latest pingame Rush starting today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Jan. 5-8). The machine’s theme celebrates Rush, the Canadian band and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

“Partnering with Rush, we created a musical pinball experience that every fan will want to explore,” said CEO Gary Stern.

The Rush machine reflects the “energy, excitement and experience of a live Rush concert,” the company said. Players will be immersed in exclusive Rush concert footage. The game features 16 songs and custom speech from band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

In memory of the band’s late drummer Neil Peart, Stern is also supporting the Neil Peart Research Award, sponsored by the Glioblastoma Foundation, which researches cures for brain cancer.

Click here to watch the game’s official trailer. Click here or visit for more information about the new machine.


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