St. Louis Game Co. Brings KISS Cranes to IAAPA


new-kiss-world-light-orange-right-side-viewIt was rock n’ roll all night at St. Louis Game Co.’s IAAPA booth with its new, licensed KISS-themed cranes. The company introduced three new units at the Expo: the KISS Double Platinum rotary, KISS “Phantom of the Park” candy and toy crane, and the KISS World crane.

St. Louis Game Co. says the KISS Double Platinum rotary is exclusively licensed to the manufacturer and uses a magnetic device to pick up prizes from the rotating playfield. It comes with patent-pending lighting effects, an enhanced sound system and life-sized KISS character graphics. The machine can also be outfitted as a ticket crane.

KISS “Phantom of the Park” is a 25″ crane that offers good visibility, which, according to the company, makes it look bigger than its actual footprint. The game is adorned with comic book graphics that give it a broad appeal for young and old fans alike.

KISS World crane has all the graphic, lighting and sound features of Double Platinum provides along with traditional claw crane play. Keyboard programming allows for easy parameter settings, as well.

The company is offering licensed KISS candy and toy assortments to compliment all their cranes. For more information on these games, click here.


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