SPREE Interactive VR Bumper Cars in Italy


SPREE Interactive recently partnered with the manufacturer Eurogames to launch the first of many battery-powered VR bumper car attractions. Licensed by VR Coaster, the first was installed at the La Grande Mela Mall in Verona, Italy.

“We are always looking for new creative solutions to draw in customers at our client locations,” said Filippo Tracquilio, owner of To Get srl. “We chose SPREE and Eurogames as they provide an immersive VR entertainment solution that creates a unique interactive experience between players.”

The VR Space Bumper Car attraction, the company’s first, comes with four circular battery-powered cars that only require a floor space of 26 ft. x 30 ft. Learn more at www.jointhespree.com and www.eurogames.it.


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