SPREE Interactive, Eurogames Launch VR Space Bumper Cars


SPREE Interactive, along with battery-powered bumper car maker Eurogames, recently announced its expansion of the VR Bumper Car line (licensed by VR Coaster).

Their interactive VR game Cyber Blaster is now bundled with VR battery-powered Space Bumper Cars for venues “looking to enhance their guest experience with the trending exploration inside the virtual world.”

“It is evident the vast curiosity of the virtual space is continuing to grow rapidly,” said Paul Collimore, commercial director for SPREE Interactive. “After experiencing a popular demand with the Floor Pick-Up VR Bumper Cars, we wanted to offer a similar worldwide solution for smaller FECs that sees physical objects of the real world accompanying players into the virtual world – in this case a hover vehicle.”

A floor space of 25 ft. x 25 ft. is required for the attraction. Learn more at www.jointhespree.com. Click here to see the trailer.


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