Socially Distant Attractions: What the Future Looks Like


“It seems clear that Covid-19 is going to continue to be a problem for the attractions industry well into 2021 and possibly beyond. Could this lead to an increase in a new type of socially distant attractions?” That’s the central premise and question in a recent Blooloop article.

As amusement parks have had to require face masks, enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing measures, it makes sense that roller coaster manufacturers and the like will want to consider rolling out new products that fit that market. After all, even after a Covid vaccine is widely available (which itself may not be for years), the societal dynamic will have changed.

But certain roller coasters, for instance, are naturally socially distanced, leaving enough space between the rows so operators wouldn’t have to leave a row empty due to local/state/national guidelines.

The article also discussed socially distant yet interactive attractions such as laser tag, which can be brought to life in new ways that give Covid-conscious players peace of mind.


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