Semnox Installs at Boardwalk, Island Breeze Casinos in N.J.


Semnox recently added two new casinos to its growing list of U.S. clients. The installs were in arcades at the Kiska family-owned Boardwalk Casino and Island Breeze Casino along the Sea Isle boardwalk in New Jersey.

“We were worried switching to a card-based system would take part of the fun out of the experience for guests,” said owner Ryan Kiska. “We wanted to stay true to the end goal – providing entertainment. Not only have our guests been happy with the transition, but Parafait has also brought us into the 21st century. We didn’t realize how many sales we were missing because we were a cash-only facility.”

Some of the features of the Parafait system that were added include RFID-based debit card systems, the LuminOS reader for “tap-to-play” functionality and more. Additional information is available at


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