Semnox Installs at 15 New Locations in U.K.


Semnox has implemented its offerings in 15 new amusement locations in the United Kingdom in the past year, the company reports.

Well-known venues like M&D’s Scotland Theme Park and Codona’s have been among the most recent. Semnox said it’s seen a “tremendous response” from the U.K. market with the post-Covid demand for touchless, cashless and contactless operations.

“We have been seeing an increasing demand in businesses looking at online sales platforms like websites and mobile apps to support their physical ticket sales,” said Ashish KS, group client manager of Semnox Solutions. “The growth was expected but the pandemic has pushed the increase in demand by at least 20-30% beyond the industry expectation. This is great news for us as our web and mobile platforms are completely integrated and robust, with great feedback from across the globe.” Learn more at or


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