S&B and St. Louis Game Unveil “Groundbreaking” Crane Printer


S&B Candy & Toy and St. Louis Game Company have announced the launch of their patented thermal printer, which owner/founder Brian Riggles says “will elevate arcade excitement to unparalleled heights.” It’s now available exclusively on S&B/St. Louis Game Co. cranes as a $400 upgrade, and will be a standard option on all of their new cranes.

The printers will automatically print out a ticket whenever a prize is not dropped down the prize chute. St. Louis Game Co. reports that each coupon’s offer can be designed by the operator and can be for something very simple or even for a big-ticket item. Specific offers can also be programmed based on frequencies.

Riggles had long pondered the question of how to ensure someone walks away a winner every time they play, landing on the idea of an integrated, thermal-printed ticket.

“This patented technology creates a win-win scenario for the operators and for those playing the game,” Riggles said. In addition to building goodwill among players, the tickets also serve as powerful marketing tools enabling operators to enhance their location relationship and also forge partnerships with other local businesses.

Any of St. Louis Game Company’s cranes – from Duck World and Carnival Crane to Prize Rocket, Route 66and The Black Box – can be upgraded into a “Ticket/Coupon/Jackpot Crane.”

“This programmable thermal printer is poised to transform the arcade experience for street operators, FECs and redemption centers across the nation,” Riggles added.

To attract attention, the company is offering decals designating the crane game as a Ticket, Coupon and/or Jackpot Crane, so operators have the flexibility to choose which best suits their location.

Learn more by visiting www.stlgamecompany.com.


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