RePlay Needs Your Wisdom

We find ourselves in some trying times and while we’re not all in the same boat, we are adrift in the same challenging seas. Looking for more information about what you’re facing out there –– and hoping what you share can help others –– we’re conducting two surveys: one of the street route operation side of the industry; the other of the arcade/FEC/LBE/BEC segment.
Many operators should have already received an invitation to participate through Constant Contact. If you didn’t, but would like to fill out the survey, we’d be thrilled. Please click on the appropriate link below (feel free to share these links with others as well).
You can answer as many questions as you like and can do so anonymously (though we’d appreciate knowing in which state you conduct business). If you are willing to be quoted by name, there’s a spot at the end where you can tell us who you are. Your candor is vital, so if you don’t feel comfortable giving your name, again, that’s A-OK.
Thank you and please be safe and well,
The Editors

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