Redemption Plus Adds Tipton to the Team


Redemption Plus has announced the hiring of Michael Tipton as Chief Value Architect and head of Customer Success and Marketing. He’ll be responsible for ensuring that every customer that interacts with Redemption Plus is central and important, all while building partner relationships and sharing insight with the industry.

“Mike was chosen not only because of his impressive résumé of leading successful sales teams but also because of how he behaves and thinks, which is to say ‘progressively,'” said Chief Results Officer Sean Stormes. “At a time when change in business is the norm, Mike embraces the unexpected and excels in bridging the divide between marketing and sales, but also ‘seeing what others miss’ – the core competency to creating demand. Additionally, Mike is a leader, not a traditional boss. He personifies the humble yet willful VP we were looking for, and is about as customer-centric as they come.”

Prior to Redemption Plus, Tipton worked for another Kansas City company, Emfluence (digital marketing platform and software provider), for just over five years. At that post, he created and implemented strategic growth and marketing plans that put the success of clients’ business at the forefront.

Tipton kicked off his career at Redemption Plus on August 9.


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