Raw Thrills Highlights “Home Operator”


Video game manufacturer (and the RePlay February cover company) Raw Thrills recently shared a short interview with Ben Devine of Houston, who has several arcade machines in his home, including a Big Buck Hunter Reloaded.

“I was an Atari kid and grew up spending quarters on video games at the corner store,” Devine said. “Having a video game at home was always a dream of mine. That is where it started many, many years ago. Once I got my first game, I was hooked. The collection has grown over the years, and now my son has taken a big interest in playing the games which gives an even bigger return on investment than I could have ever imagined.”

Devine’s guest bedroom, he told Raw Thrills, has slowly been transformed into a video game arcade over the years. Big Buck Hunter and Batman were always his favorites, but he added: “I have to say now that the Big Buck Hunter Reloaded is my all-time favorite in video game history. The graphics and action are out of this world!”


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