Randy White Muses On COVID-19 Habit Changes


In his recent blog, Randy White, CEO of White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, wrote about the habits that might stick around even as the economic shutdown subsides. White Hutchinson found more people are watching streaming services (42%), cooking (30%) and watching esports (7%) than before the outbreak.

“COVID-19 is training people to see the outside world as a dangerous place and that everyone and every common surface is a potential threat to their health, even their life,” White wrote. “A ‘quarantine state-of-mind’ could reign for a long time after the lockdown ends.”

He reports that initial national surveys are already showing planned behavioral changes: 23% said they’ve come to prefer cooking and eating at home; a whopping 80% said they were more likely to watch a movie at home versus going to the theater; and 73% said they are more likely to livestream sporting events or concerts at home instead of attending.

Yet, perception is everything. Other surveys found that people are most excited to get back to their favorite sit-down restaurant and recreation places (like movie theaters and our industry’s arcades, bars and parks).

Read more of Randy’s blogs at www.whitehutchinson.com.


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