QubicaAMF’s HyperBowling Makes Big Debut


QubicaAMF officially released its newest product during this year’s Bowl Expo in Las Vegas following the anticipation that’s been built since they previewed it at IAAPA 2017. HyperBowling adds a brand-new bumper system to the game that transforms the longtime gutter ball deterrents into a fun new way to play.

Now every shot counts every time, so that any player –– no matter their skill level –– can play and maybe even win. HyperBowling includes a set of four new bowling games designed around the bumper system. The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit or avoid.

“HyperBowling goes above and beyond to extend the bowling population, to reach the younger generations, to increase their spending, frequency of visits and ultimately center revenue,” said QubicaAMF Chairman Pat Ciniello, who also owns seven BECs in southwest Florida. “I have HyperBowling installed on my VIP lanes in my HeadPinz facility. As a proprietor, it is exciting to see the initial reaction from our consumers. I truly believe this can be a real game-changer and help drive new traffic into the center.”

Once the Expo began, the company said crowds were in full force at its booth with attendees having the opportunity to try HyperBowling out for themselves alongside four pros. Jason Belmonte, Bryanna Cole, Michael Tang and Darren Tang were paired up with Bowl Expo attendees as they competed against each other for the chance to win up to $1,000 in cash during the first ever HyperBowling Pro-Am Challenge. Coming out on top was the pairing of Jason Belmonte and Lillian La Fave.

“HyperBowling really leveled the playing field. I haven’t bowled in almost 20 years, and I can’t believe I won,” said Lillian La Fave. “I had so much fun and it was an amazing experience getting to bowl with Jason and getting some coaching tips from him!”

Learn more about HyperBowling by clicking here.


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