PrimeTime’s Xtreme Park Keeps Ramping Up


With new markets successfully tapped and its original arcade operations to maintain, PrimeTime Amusements has been busier than ever in 2017. The South Florida operation, headed by David Goldfarb, has been working in the arcade world since 1992, but recently exploded onto the map with its new Xtreme Action Park. The Park opened in 2015 and has been growing (physically and in popularity!) into an epicenter of entertainment housing everything from arcades and trampoline parks to roller rinks and more.

One of the Park’s most recent additions was Hard Knocks 365, and according to Goldfarb, it’s the most exciting addition yet. This gym/training center is open to the public but also caters to professional athletes from the NFL and MMA who train there regularly.

“The concept of Hard Knocks 365 will attract unprecedented media attention that we’ve already begun to feel, and it’s been open for barely a month,” Goldfarb said.

He hopes that the presence of the professional fighters, many of which are signed to the UFC, will drive traffic to the gym, and therefore spill over into Xtreme Action Park. Goldfarb also penned a five-fight deal with FightTime Promotions which will be hosted at Xtreme Action Park.

“Everything I do, has a hint of synergy. By having Hard Knocks 365 located right inside Xtreme Action Park, I can acquire a broader clientele that I never had before. What’s good for Hard Knocks 365, is good for Xtreme Action Park, and ultimately PrimeTime Amusements, as well,” said Goldfarb.

Goldfarb and his company are already looking at opening a second Xtreme Action Park in the near future. To learn more about the company, read RePlay’s feature in the July 2017 issue.


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