New York Extends Bar Curfew to 11 p.m.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo, currently under fire for withholding nursing home virus data from state lawmakers, recently pushed New York’s 10 p.m. bar and restaurant curfew to 11 p.m.

Last week, the curfew – instituted in November – was overturned and ruled “likely unconstitutional” by a State Supreme Court judge. However, a state appeals court overturned that ruling; a federal court also upheld the curfew, according to WWNY, saying Cuomo has the right to issue restrictions to protect public health.

The new 11 p.m. closing time went into effect on Sunday, Feb. 14, but has had little impact on businesses. It won’t really make a difference, said Robert Dalton of Paddock Arcade, “But one hour is one hour and we’re moving in the right direction. We’re skating along, we’re treading water, and I just keep hope.”


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