New Jersey: Bowling, Booze and Prize Games


Bowlers in New Jersey are in for a bit more fun now that the state’s Governor has signed a new bill into law (as of 7/21) that allows bowling alleys of 16 or more lanes to both sell alcohol and operate redemption games. The bill (A-621/S-2328) comes as a windfall for many in the state hoping to bring in new revenue into the bowling alley. The bill requires any bowling alley looking to add redemption to have 40 games minimum, with at most 50 percent being redemption/instant win/prize games. The measure also says the bowling centers must have their redemption centers open whenever any part of their operation is open to the public.

This bill comes nearly two years after New Jersey’s Governor signed a bill into law that peeled back a 56-year ban on alcohol being sold in establishments with amusement games. This bill carved out a specific exception for Dave & Buster’s and similar, large-scale operations, allowing them to hold both liquor and amusement game licenses (so long as they were at least 20,000 square feet and operated more than 100 games). The new A-621 bill’s lighter regulations should make it easier for the little guys to get in the game.


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