NEN Expands Operations, Assumes Portion of Namco USA Locations


National Entertainment Network just announced it has agreed to assume a portion of Namco USA’s operations in more than 760 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico. The company notes that the transition comes as Namco confirmed they would be halting operations at their U.S. amusement facilities.

“This agreement is the outcome of months of discussions during a very difficult time in our industry,” said NEN president Jim Sevalt. “We’re pleased to have worked out a plan to assume these Namco locations. This expansion in the category reflects NEN’s continued commitment to the amusement space.”

NEN said the companies “complement each other in their revenue share operations and geographies, which provided a significant opportunity for NEN to increase its amusement portfolio.”

RePlay previously reported that Namco was exiting North American arcade operations. The assets were sold to NEN and two other still-unnamed companies. Learn more at


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