NAC Show Breaks Records for Attendees And Exhibitors

According to initial reports, the 6th annual National ATM Council tradeshow was an unqualified success. Called NAC 2018 – ATMs Across America, the show ran from Oct. 16 through Oct. 18. Although show organizers have not yet received the “final-final” numbers for the event, early estimates place the number of attendees at more than 600 with nearly 80 exhibit booth spaces. Once again hosted by Bally’s Las Vegas, the show featured a beefed-up seminar roster featuring more than 50 industry experts and a host of new products on the exhibit floor.
Also highlighting the show was recent news that credit card giant VISA will authorize Dynamic Currency Conversions (DCC) through its cards in the U.S., effective April 13, 2019. The policy change is said to have been reached, at least in part, as a result of the consumer petition circulated by NAC. Although the news of the decision broke just a few days prior to the Las Vegas event, NAC officials were able to convince VISA to send a pair of representatives to Las Vegas to provide details of the policy change.
Another featured piece of news arriving during the conference was the announcement that U.S. Congressional leadership has sent a letter to the Comptroller of the Currency, Chairman of the FDIC, and the relevant Deputy Secretary of the Treasury regarding the need to stop the blacklisting of ATM company bank accounts and account closures that have reached epidemic proportions. The letter, industry veterans noted, represents a rare bi-partisan effort in the current political climate.
“The NAC board and leadership were extremely pleased with the turn out as well as the air of excitement and unity that characterized the entire event,” said Bruce Renard, NAC’s executive director. “Given the news regarding VISA’s approval of DCC and the strong letter from Congress regarding bank account closures greatly contributed to the upbeat mood.”
Next year’s show, NAC2019 has again been scheduled for Las Vegas slated to take place Oct. 15 through the 17th. However, the event moves to Planet Hollywood.

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