Move Over, Fortnite; Here Comes Fall Guys!


What may become the biggest selling home video game of all time has hit the consumer market. Called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, CNN says it’s taken that huge world by storm.

Published by Devolver Video, it was released on Aug. 4 and is available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Windows for $19.99 (Sony UK said it’s the most downloaded game of all time, worldwide, on the PlayStation Plus subscription service).

Players on this whimsical game become jellybean-like creatures who go through mazes, jumps and other game-show challenges to become the best out of 60 players. It also has buy-in features like getting different costumes that will make it even more lucrative. And, while the little guys get tossed around a lot, it’s in a non-controversial cartoon-like world.


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