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Hallie Pettitt is happy about what is a rare find in some places: a game to play! That’s a Prize Locker at Eddie World, a gas station and more in the town of Yermo that bills itself as “California’s Sweetest Destination.”

The whole enchilada: With a “keep your distance” demand on one side and hand sanitizer on the other in this entrance to a Mexican restaurant, diners returning to an evening out learn things are different than before.

Customers observe social distancing in this hamburger/beer joint when ordering takeout. We asked the girl behind the register if folks ever play the machines while waiting for their food. “I’ve never seen anyone do that,” she responded.

Games in this California bar sit as idle as the upturned barstools. As we went to press, the state was still nixing in-location drinking and dining, so that means no amusement play either. Fortunately for some, they’ve let them sell drinks to go which might help the bars stay in business.

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