Magnetic Cash Outlines 2022 Trade Show Schedule


Magnetic Cash is ready to go on the road with what they say is the fastest self-service kiosk in the entertainment industry. They’ll have their newest products around the world at upcoming trade shows.

They’ll be at FIJMA (March 15-17 in Spain), DEAL (March 28-30 in Dubai), IAAPA Latin America (April 25-27 in Brazil), LAAE Expo (May 18-20 in Colombia) and IAAPA Expo (Nov. 15-18 in Orlando).

“With new products on the way, new additions to the commercial team, as well as a substantial increase in the budget, 2022 is a year that motivates us, and we know that it will have a lot of movement,” said Martin Reynoso, sales manager of Magnetic Cash. “We want to be in face-to-face contact with industry operators who cannot yet attend international events, which is why we try to cover exhibitions and meetings in most markets, such as Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and North America.” Learn more at


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