LaserTAG360 Wraps Up Last Event of the Year


Creative Works hosted their last LaserTAG360 event of 2016 earlier this month (Aug. 2-3) and early reports pin it as another winner. The event, which is hosted three times a year, looks to teach entertainment professionals how to successfully add and/or manage a new or existing laser tag facility.

“The August LaserTAG360 event tends to be the most powerful for our team, our sponsors, and our attendees,” said Danny Gruening, Chief Marketing Officer at Creative Works. “The crowd is a bit smaller than the other shows, so we get even more one-on-one time with the attendees, and they make huge strides toward their goals.”

During the two-day event, Creative Works and their partners presented on topics ranging from site design and laser tag fundamentals to staff training and online marketing. The attendees represented more than a dozen different developments, each in various stages of the process.

One attendee, Simon Shearer of Drakeshire Lanes, said, “LaserTAG360 enabled us to accelerate [the]process towards our ultimate goal of creating an experience that wows!” Another attendee, Andy Johnston of Westgate Lanes, added, “A must-attend event if you’re planning on adding laser tag.”

The next  is scheduled in February, giving Creative Works a few months to “rest.” They’ll be using that time to improve the education content and make the event even more valuable for future attendees.

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