Industry Inventor Has New Vacuum Crane Kit


Steve Shoemaker has a new product to modernize conventional cranes into vacuum cranes and to perk up collections at the same time. With it, the player guides the suction cup down to the target-affixed prize. The size of the cup used affects the degree of difficulty and the suction cup will only pick up the prize if the player guides the suction to the target (it won’t pick it up from any other surface of the prize). See it in action here:

The “Suck It Vacuum Kit” includes: vacuum pump with wire, release valve, steel weight, 1” suction cup, nylon connectors, coil tubing for 30” drop, new cord (30”) and wire nuts. And it’s easy to install and operate, Shoemaker says.

Perhaps best of all, it’s $49 to approved buyers ($99 retail). For more information, visit or call the Redondo Fun Factory, Inc. at 310-374-9982. (By the way, prizes with the targets are available on eBay:


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