I.T. and Boyd Gaming Team for Golden Tee World Championship


In a move they hope will bolster the esports appeal of Golden Tee, Incredible Technologies has partnered with the Boyd Gaming Corp. for this year’s Golden Tee World Championship. BGC owns and operates 24 casinos across the U.S., and will be hosting the golf game finals at its Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from June 8-10, 2018.

The tournament brings together 64 players who face off over more than $100,000 in prizes, including a $20,000 top prize. 2018’s World Championship will carry on a 21-year-old tradition for Golden Tee, with the best digital golfers from all over vying for a top spot. I.T. says the new partnership will help both companies further integrate into the growing popularity of esports.

“This event is a win for everyone involved, from Boyd Gaming to I.T. and our most talented Golden Tee players,” said Elaine Hodgson, president and CEO of I.T. “While esports is certainly a buzz word in business today, we’re extremely proud to have helped pioneer the concept since the late ’90s. To be able to showcase our esports brand to crossover industries and audiences with renewed interest is energizing to both segments of our business – amusement and casino games.”

Matt Ryan, SVP and CMO of Boyd Gaming, said. “The Golden Tee brand is a great fit for our customer base, and we look forward to working with I.T. to identify additional opportunities to leverage the Golden Tee brand across our properties.”

Qualifying for the championship begins on Feb. 1 and runs through April 23 on more than 15,000 online Golden Tee 2018 LIVE cabinets. The final qualifier spot will be filled at The Orleans Hotel and Casino on June 8 in a special ‘Last Chance’ live tournament.


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