Holiday Lanes Opening Today in Oklahoma


Operating under shortened hours, Holiday Lanes Bowling Center in Oklahoma City will open today, May 1, with social distancing and other safety practices put in place.

According to its Facebook page, the bowling center will institute employee temperature checks. If an employee has a temp of 100.4 degrees or higher, they’ll be sent home. They’ll require customer-facing employees to wear face masks, and “continue to use appropriate antimicrobial disinfectants.” Prior to opening, they said, the facility has been completely disinfected and so have bowling balls and shoes.

While they noted there were already adequate handwashing and sanitizing stations at Holiday Lanes, they’ve added more hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

For the next few weeks, they said, there will only be at 50% capacity, meaning group sizes will be limited to six people per lane, and there will be an unoccupied lane to separate customers.

“It is our hope that everyone works together and uses the best practices that our health officials have worked tirelessly to provide,” they wrote. “We are confident that these little behavior adjustments are minor and will provide a safe environment for each of our guests and employees.” Learn more at


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