Here Comes the Halo Arcade Game!!


Raw Thrills, in collaboration with Play Mechanix and 343 Industries, is about to introduce a new arcade game based on the wildly-popular Halo series, an Xbox exclusive franchise. Called Halo: Fireteam Raven, it’s a four-player shooter where people join in the events of the original Halo storyline from an all new perspective, assisting the titular character Master Chief defeat a horde of alien forces.

According to the company, players will have access to an arsenal of weapons from the Halo universe, all within a 4K world generated on Play Mechanix’ NexaGen arcade game engine. The environmental cabinet, which is always far from final at these early stages, will sport two 65” monitors set side-by-side in front of two pairs of seats, topped with the recognizable Master Chief.

Headed to Dave & Busters first in July, the new attraction will go into general release and be available to all operators on August 20th.

“We couldn’t be happier about this project and have had an absolute blast working with Eugene Jarvis – one of my personal heroes and inspirations – and the wonderful team of talented designers and creators at Raw Thrills,” said Kiki Wolfkill, Halo top. “Arcade games are a wholly different challenge compared to console and PC gaming, and we’ve learned a tremendous amount as we worked with Raw Thrills to make this happen,” he added.

When the machine is complete and operating in the field, force feedback weapons and booming 5.1 surround sound will bring players into a world they’ve known before in a whole new way. The legions of Halo faithful will be able to directly link to their XBox Live accounts to access exclusive stats and rewards.

“Halo: Fireteam Raven, without a doubt, will be one of the most spectacular arcade simulators ever made. Players who experience the intensity and live the world of Fireteam Raven will never be the same!” said Eugene Jarvis himself. See a press release from Xbox celebrating the arcade game here.


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