Golden Tee World Champion Crowned


Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee 2017 World Championships took place from May 19-21, resulting in high stakes drama, incredible competition and more. The event was held at Hi Scores Bar Arcade in Las Vegas, where 64 of the world’s best Golden Tee players battled it out. Mark Stenmark of Houston was the last man standing after the three-day event, taking home $10,000 and winning the honor of having his likeness created in-game. In total, $75,000 was awarded in cash prizes.

Richard Ditton of Incredible Technologies presents the $10,000 check to Golden Tee 2017 World Champion Mark Stenmark.

Stenmark kicked off his math play strong by beating Florida’s Sean Gervais in a close -30 to -29 match. Next Stenmark took down Canadian Enzo Polidori, followed by Scott Kocol. After another close game against Arizona pro Lance Harris, Stenmark moved into the king-of-the-hill matches.

He then handed Joe Massara, a Daily Contest wizard and great up-and-coming talent, his first loss. But Massara battled back to once again face Stenmark in a rematch for the final round. With $10,000 on the line, Massara would have to beat Stenmark twice to achieve victory.

Massara brought himself one step closer with a -26 to -24 win in game one on Ruby Rock, setting up a winner-take-all moment for the two finalists. The last round took place on Juniper Falls, with Stenmark’s strong -29 besting Massara’s -27.

“It’s the pinnacle of my Golden Tee career,” Stenmark said. “I honestly thought last year would have been my best chance. Now to have my face in the game, it’s just unbelievable. This field was as strong as ever.”

Over six hours of exciting game action and commentary was streamed live on YouTube during the event. More World Championship details can be found here.


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