FEC Real Estate Gives Awards During IAAPA


FEC Real Estate celebrated the achievements of FEC operators during their inaugural Evening of Excellence Awards Reception, held last month during IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

Tiny Towne won the Innovator of the Year Award; Scene75 Entertainment took home the Overcoming Adversity Award; The Funplex – Myrtle Beach got the New Start Business of the Year Award; and Cody and Luke Schueler shared the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Pierre Maalouf, President of Tiny Towne, with his FEC Real Estate Innovator of the Year Award.

“We created this event simply because we want to celebrate the leaders of our industry, and moreover, celebrate our industry as well,” said FEC Real Estate Principal RJ Mohindra during his introduction.

He explained that everyone in the room had persevered through many challenges and obstacles during the entirety of the pandemic, and had done so resiliently. “So, for a short while, let’s embrace our successes. Let’s take some time to pat ourselves on the back and also pat our cohorts on the back.”


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